Put it on SALE

It was just another Sunday. A flashing red placard was tempting me to loosen up my pockets. SALE it said. Praying that lovely dress is still up for grabs, I entered the showroom. “It will be totally worth it!”, I murmured under my breath and comforted myself.

Bazaar is always bustling with people. Newspaper is filled with advertisment spreads. Internet pop-ups distract me to venture through my wishlist again. How come is it we want discounts so badly while still not compromising on the cost of fews things?

Art: Pu
Art: Put it on SALE, 26.1.20, Shruti B

No one ever said “God! Please put a discount on my happiness. I have had enough of it. I might throw up on the very thought of another jolly, good day.”

Until next time….


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