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Cynic 101

From profound belief, to tremors of abysmal crises and lastly, giving up hope. The three stages of becoming cynical! And to spot one of this kind isn’t that hard either, right? Media, Love, Politics and Governance, Friendships, Virtual Life portrayal, Movies, Social Campaigns, Charity groups, Marriage, Business houses and Corporates, affluent people, and many more.… Read More Cynic 101

Goldilocks Conditions

Do you wonder how small we are in this universe? Have you cried over the x years of your existence on this planet? Then, I have something to offer you in scientific jargons. If you think you have nothing to do with science, I will beg to differ. We have 13.6 billion years of big… Read More Goldilocks Conditions

Colossal Stress Trap

Does this mess give you anxiety? Do you feel like you are trying to understand yet things don’t add up? This collage is a bit abstruse so let me walk you through it. Here, I have tried to personify stress. Housie tickets are like targets in life. You know the goals and are just waiting… Read More Colossal Stress Trap

Fabricating the Graduation day

On some fine days, I write pages about a person and how grateful I am to have them in my life. Like literally dissembling their quirks, their laughter, describing their locks, twitch on their smile, their too broad forehead or estimating their height with furniture in my room. Too gay? Yes, sort of. Crazy? To… Read More Fabricating the Graduation day


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