Hey all! Long time, right? I have been meeting so many people these days and I am in awe of their charisma and life they have led. And I think I will always be on look out for good stories. They uplift me, inspire me, satisfy my soul and make me happy that world is […]

A letter to Trevor Noah on Born a Crime!

Thanks to @thetragedykween for allowing me to present my views here. I have written on one of the 18 books read in ’20. What better did we have in 2020, right? 😉 Do let me know your views on the the same and also tell me if I was able to actually make you read […]

Oliver’s Sad Twist

Dear Oliver, You have ruined porridge for me. Yes! I read your story when I was a kid. I sympathized with you when the lunch lady didn’t give you another serving. I don’t know when this transition took place. But I earlier liked porridge. And my mom makes it really really great. And over the […]


Imagine a complete stranger who is crazy about a music band. And so are you. You both speak of the band’s glories, their history, perfectly articulated lyrics and sing its tunes with the same level of emotions. And when this happens, I want you to pause. Pause and grasp the surroundings and all the endless […]

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