Journey of an MBA student #1

Though my plans of going to the beautiful campus have gone for a toss, but with the ease of my soft bed and mom giving fruit salads is a real privilege. With orientation rolling, I’m taking it slow, trying to strike a balance in my routine, tuning out on social media and bracing myself for […]

Childhood Hero

Did you have the trend of supplementary readers in school? The nomenclature might differ but it’s like a book discussion for a batch of students followed by a book review and evaluation on the themes of the novel. And The Diary of a Young Girl was one of them. Chosen for 14 year old, restless […]


An extensive flowering plant, it adds color to your garden. It is more durable than flowers and available in wide range of colors. Is this Albino in flora? //Day 4 entry SB.

Hibiscus Chad

When I was a kid, I used to have a garden with a huge hibiscus tree. And hibiscus is known for its sacredness in India. And there was an aunty in the neighborhood who used to go to the temple early in the morning. She has stolen our blooms for years. And maybe after sometime […]

Portulacaria afra

It’s an all season plant in India. Though indigenous type of South Africa, this variant of bonsai is widely available in subtropical zone. Elephant bush? This is food for elephants and native wildlife. And these plants can sustain on very little water. As a kid, I used to mistake it for a clover, for obvious […]

Polyscias scutellaria

I recently started with botanical embroidery and went out of ideas pretty quickly. To my mom’s astonishment, she didn’t expect me to miss out on Granny’s vast collection of plants and innumerable leafy patterns surrounding us! Here I put forth before you the learnings on the go! Correct me if I’m wrong. And cheers to […]

Leafy World

Well, I have taken you on a tour through my Granny’s garden. But I think we have neglected the incredible leafy patterns and its infinite variety in the world. More pictures to follow! 🌿 SB

Inner Voice #3 – Loss of Childhood

Cheeku is a kid. He is losing time to confinement. He aspires to be a bird which is under no lockdowns, has no construct of boundaries and seem to carrying on with life as before. Oh those conventional times! *Sigh* Gonna hit Goa probably when things will get better and turn 30. //signing off SB […]

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