What’s the next Move?

“Breathe! We’ll deal with one thing at a time.” I often say this to myself. Just like those little self talks. So, what should be the approach? I have seen this scenario, people do this all the time and come out of that phase. Makes absolute logical sense. Easy peasy. Enter.

Art: Puzzled Me, 28.1.20, Shruti B



Sorry. No one wants to hear you whining. #BeStrong

But I am not asking for help. Just give me the damn rule book. This puzzle changed the last minute. It’s unfair!

You were playing on the wrong board, Missy. #StayMotivated

Whaaaat!! It’s not helping. I am just gonna go watch TV and sulk in a corner. Bye.

Is it really that easy to isolate things in mutually exclusive sets and work on them? “You are not alone. This happens all the time.” But I can’t seem to get out of it. It is like the Hogwarts staircases. Changing every second. Is it bad that I am tired?

You are not even playing. It’s all in your head. Stop whining.

Until next time….

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