The Curious case of Oiled Hair

You all are up for a treat! These tales are something I believe happened to me. Or maybe an account of what I remember and what I could knit around it to make it sensible in my mind.

I have literally just closed the olive oil bottle. And it kicked me that I have to pen this down. Mom, your truth is out!

Imagine an infant and you are a mother. YOU WANT YOUR KID TO BE THE PRETTIEST. Luscious hair, glowing skin, honey bun like arms and scent of jasmine at all times. And Johnson baby products have been a big hit with that sentiment of parents! So, it is kind of okay to be dipped in oil when your cuteness can compensate for it. But my mom didn’t stop there. She continued with her hobby. And our Grandmas added to her notorious plans. Everready to empty a bowl of oil on us.

We are no longer toddlers. My brother and I are in middle school now. Sent to school in oiled hair because “It gives a neat look.” No, maa! It is a one-way key to your kids being sent to the bully hell. A laughing stock. A bonanza chance of being nicknamed “CHAMPU” for their entire lives. Scarring images of teachers mocking you as Mr/Ms. Stained shirts. Or a living-walking bottle of Chameli Oil. Atleast, you could have left few birthday parties I went on. *Sobbing in a corner*

What followed was bound to happen. It was retaliation from 13yr olds. Fed up of this dictatorship and ready to overrule the law with lots of crying and confidence to take charge of life. Being firm with our decisions and strong repulsiveness to oiling.

Well, it went well for few years peacefully but the old adage came back to haunt us. “BACHPAN MEI TEL LAGAOGE TOH JAWANI MEI STYLE KRNE LAYAK BACHENGE” i.e Oil your hair in childhood to prevent bad hair problems in a sarcastic, didactic tone. And we checked every point on the list. HAIRFALL, DANDRUFF, RECEDING HAIRLINE, FRIZZY HAIR, DRY SCALP AND MOST IMPORTANTLY “I TOLD YOU SO!” .. Today, we are just normal kids. Remorseful of our teenage bad decisions and on our pathway of acceptance that mom is always right. Not that we don’t throw fits anymore. We still do! But our conscience and introspection bring us to earth relatively sooner. Now, we ask her upfront to give us yogurt hairwash or fenugreek, castor oil mixture because a Youtube video of a Grandma’s recipe suggested that it works wonders. My mom chuckles, shoves some taunts down our throat and prepares the godly potions.

What would we do without you, maa. Otherwise, we are good people. Always listen to you!

Sidenote: Mom, we are the best kids anyone could have. STOP SCOLDING US. ❤

Shrutaaa and Pranuuu


  1. My neighbour’s mom used to put mayonnaise in her hair along the scalp and I could never figure out why. Her hair was oily at the base, and then dry and frizzy at the ends. I feel for your hair pains though – I have naturally curly hair, and as a kid there was NO mouse, and no one used hair gel. I was a walking fuzz ball. So embarrassed every single day.

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