Hey all! Long time, right?

I have been meeting so many people these days and I am in awe of their charisma and life they have led. And I think I will always be on look out for good stories. They uplift me, inspire me, satisfy my soul and make me happy that world is a great great place to be alive. And recently I found a funny lame guy that can’t stop counting the pros of having long fingers. They are not roasted chicken strips or piri fries, lemme tell you that. Duh. They are just long. Proportional to their body stature. Nothing to be proud of because that is their default setting. Goshhh! But I guess I am just jealous because I have small, tiny hands.

Those fingers wrap around your hand but actually grip your soul. They are warm and don’t let you feel cold. You can feel like a kindergarten child when you hold their finger. And you can even lick the chutney off them and they would smile looking at your face. Definitely more surface area and no hanky panky stuff ofcourse. You feel safe when those fingers caress your face. They feel ticklish when they slip down your neck. And your neck goes *Mhmmmm* and o babyy! Give me more…

That’s all folks.


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