A letter to Trevor Noah on Born a Crime!

Thanks to @thetragedykween for allowing me to present my views here. I have written on one of the 18 books read in ’20. What better did we have in 2020, right? πŸ˜‰

Do let me know your views on the the same and also tell me if I was able to actually make you read this one! Here we go :

Dear Trevor,

I remember when I started reading #bornacrime, I knew little about you. And now I couldn’t even wait to finish your book. I have watched almost all of your standups on Netflix and started listening to your podcasts. Yupp, fangirling much. πŸ˜›

I have usually seen people in great deal of pain when they express their ordeals, but, here I read no remorse while you told your story.
I know this book is a tribute to your mom who made you the man you’re today. The way she told you to live your life on principles which were right to the conscience, to giving you access to plethora of books, and to taking you to three churches. No wonder God has blessed you so much. From being born a crime to being a star, she was always there with you. The stories of constant pain of living in the apartheid era were personified by you in humor. I experienced every kind of emotion with your impeccable use of satire.

From a fan: I am waiting for your next book which illustrates the journey of the SA boy to a standup comic & much more.

Sir, I will say what you keep telling the crowd, ‘you were just dope’.

Thank you, son of Patricia! πŸ™‚

: Pranav Batra

One comment

  1. I read that book a while back and very much appreciated it. Like you, I’m hoping he’ll continue with a new volume that brings us to today. He’s an amazing human being. So much to admire, intelligence, personality, and profound decency. Thanks for your post.


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