Thanksgiving what?

Dear humans from far away West,

How come we have had boats since 2000 B.C, internet for 40years and yet it’s only via F.R.I.E.N.D.S that we got to know about this festival of yours. Not that we have turkey being served here like our Shahi paneer. Nor do we know what pies are like. We have sugary dips of Gulab Jamun though. I think it might suffice. BUT, had you warned us when my ancestral cavemen were playing with veggies, we would have been better equipped today. Huh. Suffering through extreme FOMO.

Me personified.

Anyway. My friend and I haven’t received gifts in a long, long time. And wanted to thank for being solid pillars for each other. So, in my comprehension, I’ll be making a hybrid of Thanksgiving and Secret Santa. Trying to blend in, you know. And we have pushed this event to first week of December, mainly because of our busy work schedule these days. *sigh*

Will keep you posted on the gift brainstorming. As if…

//Until next time


P.S. I have been loving the pictures of all those people who are sharing their magnificent meal preparations and cute pets in decorated setups. Thanks for being a great community! And thanks to many more days when I’ll learn a little bit more from your lives. Cheers!


    • Hi Blaine, we definitely have variants of Thanksgiving. And living in joint family gives license to all festivities being made together. So yeah, I’m not missing out on anything. It might be overrated but I’m feeling societal pressure. Cuz my feed is full of it. 😂

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      • That’s good, when I mentioned over rated, I meant the Turkey itself, its not like before I love the brown meat of the Turkey, but today its hardly anything there, all white meat, so yeah in that sense it’s not like how I remembered 🙂

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      • Oh! Really? I was kinda pumped up by the idea of it. I think we are slowly losing the charm of all festivals. They aren’t like they used to be. I hope we revive them and give less chance for our kids to complain.

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  1. Thanksgiving for us can be a tragedy. My wife and I don’t like Turkey, pumpkin pie or much of the traditional Thanksgiving Fare. Your traditional food would be much better. This year since everyone is locked down, we are doing traditional New Mexican with tamales, beans and green chile chicken enchiladas.

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  2. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I no longer live in the USA, but I have very fond memories of it… almost entirely because it’s the ULTIMATE family holiday, which is not religious (and therefore includes ALL Americans). Also, I like food of all sorts – and the more the better (not a healthy approach, I know!)

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    • That’s exactly the kind of festivity I am talking of. Where the meeting of people doesn’t rely on any particular religion but just a tradition of aughing together and making efforts to show that we are there for each other. I think it’s a lovely idea to do this. Even if not under this name but yeah, just casually. It would be nice.

      Festival feasts are never healthy! That’s like a national cheat day XD

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  3. Festivals are meant be a change in monotonous life and enjoy the day with family and friends. Now whether turkey is served or shahi paneer, it hardly makes any difference. Yes, it is a nice to follow our own traditions, but it is difficult to stop changes in the era of globalization.

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    • Absolutely! I think, Thanksgiving is just a nice tradition. Now like you should respect and do special things for your mother round the year. But yet, we eventually accepted Mother’s day. It’s more of a reminder to slowdown ourselves and appreciate.

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  4. Thanksgiving it’s not celebrated all over the World.
    Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia, and the sub-national entities Leiden, Norfolk Island, and the inhabited territories of the United States.

    Therefore until I lived in the United States of America, I didn’t even know about it, so do not worry, a lot of people around the World may not be aware. 🙂

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    • Hahahah! Thats a lot of acceptance and blending of Traditions. Timothy (in comments) is feasting on New Mexican fiasco and now you diving in for Indian. I like globalizaion, I guess. XD


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