Please Find Attached #6

How many times have you mistaken a justification for an excuse? There is a silver lining of intent behind either of them. And, we are mere mortals, bad at judgements and reading people. Are we not?
As a kid, I used to imagine myself as an agent in CID while just binging on their episodes. I always thought that it is way too evident who the criminal was. He was dropping obvious signs, his stories didn’t add up and his manoeuvre was “shady”. It was only when I entered college I realized, I was an involuntary agent who I should not have hired. People are highly cryptic beings! And decoding them is way harder than the crime scene which has atleast some evidence lying around. Everything makes me wonder, “Kuch toh gadbad hai, Daya.” (This was the signature dialogue of the chief detective saying “Something is definitely wrong, Daya”)

Please find attached. Late Night Doodles. 17.11.20

There is no pop up voice overs in real life which gives insight into what a person is thinking. Half the communication happens in non-verbal cues. And establishing an understanding can be as easy as over few common interests to years of conflict resolution. How many times have you misjudged a person because of rash decision or some external factors they were part of for few brief hours? How many times have you made a conscious effort of not repeating that unconscious process? And how many times have you failed to do that?

Well, I am a human in process.

PFA good intentions along with my biases that I have been working.

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//Until next time.

– SB

This blog is part of a series called “Late night doodles“. I dump my daily thoughts here. Yes! More like journal entry. And I would love to interact with anyone out there who has lost track of his/her chain of thoughts. Cuz it feels nice to know that not everyone has it figured out. *Pun intended*


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