Updating the Wordplay Game

Do you know what Google ad words are? And do you know which are the most expensive ad words? Wait, what? We have a pricing model for the usage of words? Well, INSURANCE, LOANS, MORTGAGE, INVESTMENT are the most pricey of the lot! You bid for them to gain some competitive advantage for your product/ website/ blog to be put forth for the target audience to traverse through. Cool, right?

Firstly, my reaction was kind of solemn to see the kind of words people search for. Later, I realized that I am just a kid. I have a roof over my head and a dad who does most of my portfolio management. But it definitely shows we are all about the MONEY these days. Notes and coins, exchange of hands, churning of mills and factories and voila! More money or more products in our hands. More lucrative the industry, more pricey are their jargon.

BUT, 2020 was kind of an exception. There was a cash crunch, limitation on our intake and mobility reduced a well. We took a step back, re-evaluated our entire lives atleast once and changed our vocabulary. Now we were desperately after GRATITUDE, SELF-LOVE, INTROSPECTION, DEPRESSION (shhh), STRUGGLES, FORGIVENESS and peeling of a FAKE pretence. I don’t know why but there is a sort of privilege attached to them. Something which suited a higher class and has now become so ubiquitous. We definitely questioned the status quo and normalized a few things for all. Do we not need a change in the pricing model now? Hello Google, you listening?

I hope these words accompany with them the intent and compassion for others. A dash of formality, tablespoon of high class drama and lots of celebration. We deserve acknowledgement of these times. And the consequential impact it has brought in our lives.

// Until next time.



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