I couldn’t come up with a more pithy title. I am sorry for that.

I am very new to this platform or I should say Blogging space like this one. Though I have had minor stints when I was 11yrs and 16yrs old. But gave up writing quickly. One of the important reasons was that I thought I had nothing important to say. But majorly because of misinformation. That circle of WHAT IFs never left my mind. What if I hurt someone? What if I put out a biased stance? What if it stirs a controversy? What if I get stuck in the loop of justifications? And a LOT MORE.

But in my hindsight, I was just 11. Now that I am all grown up (supposedly), I have more at stake. Yet, here I am. I have more BIASES now and yet here I am. I am a conditioned fruit now, know that views and opinions have their fair share of stereotypes and anecdotal evidence. YET, HERE I AM. And I wouldn’t lie that I have been playing safe, keeping in mind all the What If scenarios and still had been finding this platform really likeable with the quality of content and engagement of people.

But today is the holy day. The day I stumbled upon a BLABBITY BLAH. The people who think they are witty and indifferent while they are in reality, heckling the life of millions with their utter nonsense. The post had 4 likes and 120 comments. This was a post of just 4 lines. With people from lengths and breadths fighting over incidents in history of several ages. Stunning response, right? Well, I admire the author’s chutzpah. I don’t know whether this was their intention or not. But definitely a reminder, IT’S ONLY WORDS THAT WE HAVE.

Now imagine the entire business model of Twitter. Brb laughing. Imagine the mental toll it has on you.

Humble courtesy to BOYZONE for Words.

The song misses the larger context but is delightful. Trust me.

And if you are like me who unconsciously gets too chatty but also like to have constant feedback circuit in loop, I follow this W.A.I.T strategy. “WHY AM I TALKING?

//Until Next time.



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