Winter is Coming #5

Dear Sun and your blessed warmth,

I often tell my friends to never lose their shine but seeing you less frequently these days, sends a shiver down my spine. Literally. I know, I should have seen the change coming. It is inevitable or whatever, but darling, so soon?

Late Night Doodles. Winter is Coming.

I’ll have to dig for winter clothes now. And that is a task in itself. Firstly, winter brings with itself a gloomy aura and a wave of laziness. And secondly, everyone looks sleep deprived and no amount of bribe can suffice that 5mins more nap that follows in the morning. There is nothing good about winters.

My mother often mocks me that imagine if I was born in a cold country. My survival would have proved all theories of Darwin right.

On one hand, my grandma has snugged herself in a cosy sweater already. And here I am, like a bollywood heroine roaming around in sleeveless tops in cold evenings. Aah! I should go now. That was today’s sneak peek. Big day tomorrow.

//Until next time.


This blog is part of a series called β€œLate night doodlesβ€œ. I dump my daily thoughts here. Yes! More like journal entry. And I would love to interact with anyone out there who has lost track of his/her chain of thoughts. Cuz it feels nice to know that not everyone has it figured out. *Pun intended*


      • Sweater weather, hot chocolate, fogged up windows to doodle on, morning mists, cold water to splash on the face and wake out of a haze instantly, full sleeves to play ghost arms with, socks, boots, trendy jackets and hoodies, waiting to go back home and be greeted with the familiar warmth, cuddles and hugs, blushing faces, red noses, mild sunshine that one can actually enjoy and look forward to. Shedding leaves like flowers shedding petals, christmas gifts and surprising loved ones by playing secret Santa, looking forward to new year as being the year most of our wishes would come true, hoping for a better year. It’s all this and more. Hope this helps a bit. β˜ΊπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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      • You painted a lovely picture, Shruba! hahaha. Oh yes, I think I like winter now. I mean I do these things too, just gotta be more observant about them from next time on. Thanks! :))))

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  1. I hate how little light there is in winter D: I read something recently about how the gloominess of the weather means we have a lot less stimulation, so it can help to add things to your environment to stimulate your senses, like candles for your nose and art for your eyes. So I’m going to spend some time filling my room with bright things to remind me of the sun πŸ™‚

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