Thinking Tongue

Thinking tongue usually means to stick out your tongue to concentrate better. Yes, unconsciously. Commonly seen in little kids when they draw or color around the edges or times when they are just making sense of this world. And what about adults? We do this too! But we got better alternatives now. Like chewing on the pen cap or excessive sleeping or stress eating…And that reminds me of my take on this phrase “thinking tongue”.

It was a fine morning when I woke up with a grumbling tummy craving for golgappe (an Indian snack). I noticed this spooky activity.. It was really wasn’t me thinking!!! It was my tongue making me look for golgappe at 6am!! It had already started dreaming of the tangy-sweet taste on my taste buds. Yeah, without even my permission. I watched a few street-food vlogs and went back to sleep.

Did you know that even tongues could think?!?!

And this was tonight’s episode on ‘Mundane Thinking aka Eureka moments unlike any other’. This was your host Molly i.e. me. Goodnight, goodbye, sweet dreams Earthlings!!

//Until next time


I am a very friendly person and usually don’t bite on weekends. Reach out to me on my Instagram handle for more amazing content and daily updates!


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