No. It’s not a typo.

Flabulous. Shruti B. 01.08.20

Sometimes I wrap my fingers around my flabs and wonder whether I am thicc or thick. You know? The desirable kind or … Then my father called out from the other room saying “SKINNY AND FRAIL, idiot! Someone people wouldn’t ever take seriously”. Thing echoed in my head for a while. I sighed. Twerked in the mirror to lift my spirits and high waisted yoga pants. (Yes. High waisted pants hide all the extra tummy like magic.) And went on to dab some powder on my face.

*Thought for the day: I can’t imagine a person with no body image issues. But then I also can’t imagine a GenY person with no signs of depression. But not everything is so ubiquitous…

What do you think you look like? Describe in a word.. Mine is FLABULOUS.

//Until next time.

You can share your feedback and amazing, quirky stories with me on my instagram handle as well! Because I am a sucker for good company and an equally curious ear.


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