You must have seen pretty galaxy patterns and mesmerizing sky paintings often being flaunted by artists. And let me tell you, it is no easy game to ace. So after miserably failing at my infinite attempts, the final result never seemed to satisfy me. Sympathies to anyone out there who has struggled with the same.

Therefore, Tip #2: Instead of going all pro, start with the basics. Basics of anything are too underrated and therefore I suggest you to have patience. The beauty of solid foundations and its potential to marvel you is beyond compare. *Take a deep breath*

1. Pick out a single shade of color and try to blend it with different amounts of water. This will help in giving multiple level shadow effects.

2. Don’t think too much and let the brush flow. This will hedge your disappointment if the outcome doesn’t match your expectations.

3. Add minimal elements to give context to the background.

Voila! That’s a snapshot of a landscape or a postcard right there.

2.5″Γ—3″ watercolor painting. Wintery morning sky. 18-10-20.

3″Γ—3.5″ watercolor painting. Dilapidated Site. 18-10-20.

Idea Germination: I was inspired by a photograph I clicked one evening. The clouds looked so unrealistic and there was just one color in the sky. And no other color to over shadow its charm. Everything was so distinct and sharp and yet, holistic in its entirety. That’s when I realised, such a pattern can’t be made, it just has to happen.

Memoirs of a struggling art hobbyist

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    • Hahaha.. Totally agree with you. Like if you start working with 200gsm, you are less likely to face hindrances like crumpling of paper. And capacity to hold water also increases.

      But it’s like I wanted to develop that habit so that I don’t lose interest easily. Otherwise, you just end up hoarding stuff and don’t get your hands dirty. ://


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