Miniature Art

I am currently working on my skills with watercolors. But controlling the amount of water and pigmentation is still a task. Striking that balance is kinda tricky. If I create on sketchpad size sheets, colors leave patchy blots and a sinking heart. So to thwart that, I have been working on small pieces of paper to blend colors, play with different swatches and create intricate patterns.

1″x1″ watercolor painting. Clocktower. 18-10-20.
It is the size of your thumb nail.
1″x2.5″ monochrome watercolor painting. Perspective Alley. 18-10-20.
This is the size of your index finger.

Welcome aboard on the journey of a struggling art hobbyist. I will keep you updated on all absurd experiments I indulge in to my keep my mind busy and happy.

//Until next time.

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