Negative Radiations #4

Dear TV cable provider, channels, OTT platforms and your amazing content sourcing team,

I am glad people are getting you well-deserved revenue in recent times. With abundance of time in hand, we have again fallen into the paucity of it. The diversity of content is killing me. Everything is trying to seek my attention and I’m drowning in the anxiety of unable to catch up with it all. Getting too bizarre?

News channels, TV series, sports, international diplomacy, conflicts and road shows, dying men, elections fiasco, social media hailstorm and so much more. Do you remember the time when we were making dalgona coffee and thanking God for slowing down things for us? Now that thought’s a laugh. Everything is so overwhelming. And makes it even harder to detach oneself from hundreds of issues being questioned in public space. Where do I go from here?

I recently watched The Handmaid’s Tale. It was a sad show. It tickled a lot of bones in my body. And let me tell you, all those bones are uncomfortable now. They pop out of their sockets and ask you- now what? My brain often warns the protagonist June Osborn saying “DON’T BE AN IDIOT!”, just the instincts you get while watching a horror movie. Well, 3 seasons passed and I’m looking forward to what will be the fate of nationalist governments, biased media, route of censorship, atrocities against women, bravery and sacrifice of so many in this journey and the pivotal role of human rights and world as a community. Funny that I am seeking answers in a fictional setup. But is it really fictional?

All in all, it’s a good show. Definitely worth the watch. But this is no webseries review. I recently read somewhere, “If you are happy, then you aren’t watching TV”.

Stay safe. Stay healthy- physically and mentally.

Goodnight, you binge watchers!

P.S. Nick Blaine is my new crush. 😛

This blog is part of a series called “Late night doodles“. I dump my daily thoughts here. Yes! More like journal entry. And I would love to interact with anyone out there who has lost track of his/her chain of thoughts. Cuz it feels nice to know that not everyone has it figured out. *Pun intended*

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