Bookmarks #3

Hi peeps, I don’t have much to say today because I’m deeply immersed in my little books world. And to be honest, it took me quite a while to get back to them. No! I wasn’t wallowing over my ex. Duh. Or maybe I was. I’m not sure. It can be just a sad Hozier song as well. So you can’t differentiate between truth and delusional truth anymore.

Bookaholic / BookNerd

ANYWAY. So, I had to take the charge of getting things straight and chose the tough, long path. Yes, instead of picking up a book directly, I thought why that thing might not be a long lasting solution to my short attention span. As it would be easy to put off a perfectly well written novel as soon as one notification flashes itself in my face. Therefore, I pondered over what could keep my eyes on the books even if I wanted to look away. Hmm. BOOKMARKSSSS. HANDMADE BOOKMARKS ARE THE MAGIC POTION. And then, one thing led to the other. *Giggles*

Yes, I made in abundance but they worked like a charm. I completed 5 half-read books in past week. *Yay*

So, don’t procrastinate like I did. Pickup up some pens and glitter to jazz up your reading experience!

Goodnight folks!

This blog is part of a series called “Late night doodles“. I dump my daily thoughts here. Yes! More like journal entry. And I would love to interact with anyone out there who has lost track of his/her chain of thoughts. Cuz it feels nice to know that not everyone has it figured out. *Pun intended*


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