My obsession with letters was a by product of my father’s hobby of collecting stamps. Mindless of childhood fancies, he never told me about it. But, on one fine day when I was 8 or something alike, I found a rustic scrap book of hundreds of stamps well ordered according to their periods and countries they belonged to. (Yes, I still have it) It was definitely love at first sight.

Rose and Tomato

Since then, I might have written tens of letters to my friends on their birthdays, passed lettered chits to pals in classroom, fabricated episodes of “10yrs from now” Shruti writing to herself, sent my meanderings to my grandparents fortnightly, or journal entries with salutations to everyone out there in the oblivion. I have questioned, I have knitted tales, I have written memoirs, I have apologized and shown my gratitude in form of letters. Mostly in Hindi because of the joy of writing “प्रिये सखी, आशा करती हूं भगवान की कृपा से तुम कुशल मंगल होगी।”

Well, letters became a constant but until today, I had almost forgotten about stamps.

So here’s a toast to a fond memory and my love for whiling away time.

“Let us all then leave behind, letters of love and friendship, family and devotion, hope and consolation, so that future generations will know what we valued, and believed and achieved.”

– Marian Wright

//Until next time.


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