Have you ever been too scared to share your happy stories? Because if you do, things will go downhill from thereon, and then you’ll be disappointed for disappointing others, who have now been involved in this buffet of your life? Yea, it’s just in my head.

We guard ourselves from the downfall that we forget (intentionally) to share happy moments with our loved ones. It’s kinda sad. Because if we aren’t sharing both the ups and downs, are we not disturbing the holy equilibrium in relationships? What do we bank on when times are tough? Or what to remind you of your calibre when you start to lose your confidence just because you never confided in anyone? We are staking our happiness for something that is unreal and hasn’t even happened. Are we hoping that something bad happens?

Nimbu Mirchi, 11.09.20, Shruti B

Well the scenarios might be unreal. But the fear is real. Insane right? But that’s just for all our insecurities. Made up, far fetched and creating resistance in our life. 

So Lemons and Chillis! They are the symbols to keep away bad omen in India and some other parts of the world as well… An anti voodoo device? Sorta. It wafts away negativity of people from a place of positivity/happiness or that is bound to seek too much attention and public criticism. Like a new house because people will talk about it. Or a new car, because maybe its a result of your hefty promotion. Or look at that big diamond, you weren’t even that good of person and did so and so at this so and so stage of your life. Basically, you tend to become the talk of the town. And people dig skeletons out of your closet and things are mere triggers for it.

So you hang up lemon and chillis with a thread on those things to stop the initiation. Lol this seems too technical now. Anyway, this is funny because the thing hadn’t gripped my attention until I saw a weird thread dangling from it. And it does make me wonder how people categorize their most prized possessions. Like I want to keep my heart secure. As it is too kind to resist another selfish blow. Or my flashing smile as I fight through all the challenges in my life. Maybe a resin pendant might work its charm? Maybe. What is your most prized possession?

Thank God I’m not in this trade of Nazar Lagana (eyeing people and wishing bad befalls on them). But if not me, and hopefully not you. Then who?? And who is guarding themselves from whom?

picture off Google, for putting rest to some people’s imagination

//Until next time.

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