Week-drained #2

Dear Today that left without permission,

My day started with me sleeping at 5:30am on my yoga mat and tuning out to life with a guided meditation. It’s a mystery to me how I always wake up in bed after that! Maybe my neck starts to hurt after a while and the displacement becomes inevitable.

Then I finally woke up high spirited around 11am. Hoping to achieve some productivity but Sunday passed away in a jiffy. Do you also feel that days vanish away so quickly? Well, the only highlight of the day was a lovely evening breeze and purple orange skyline. God has been blessing me with amazing desktop wallpapers lately.

Thanks to endless self awareness podcasts, I have started with keeping track of my feelings. And for past few days I have been feeling nothing and that was really overwhelming. It’s kinda like you can feel you have eyes and suddenly they stop seeing. And that uneasiness is hard to normalize. So this week’s intention is to befriend the emptiness and accept the incoherence. Hoping to achieve some productivity on this front atleast.

Goodnight folks!

Chasing Daily Productivity- Inorganic way

This blog is part of a series called “Late night doodles“. I dump my daily thoughts here. Yes! More like journal entry. And I would love to interact with anyone out there who has lost track of his/her chain of thoughts. Cuz it feels nice to know that not everyone has it figured out. *Pun intended*


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