Papa, what is this behavior?

It isn’t a new phenomenon but we all have our parents with weird quirks of their own. My father has an obsession with flowers. Yeah, just bright, fragrant flowers.

They are all over my house. The fake potted plants get changed in my humble abode like bedsheets every week. Most of the wallpapers get sanctioned because they have flowers on them. This fascination extends to curtains and cushions as well. Even his favorite chit chat spot on evening walks is the chameli tree near our neighbor’s place. Aaahhh that lovely smell! It might surprise you but he used to get one or two buds from marriages he attended for mom and me. What a mush he is!

And no matter how much he pursues this fiasco, our place always seem to have a room for some more flowers… Flowers might seem like a cliche to many but for me it is so much more. It is one of the most intimate ornament one can share. They are old school and so much special. They are like a high priority tag on outlook which you just can’t ignore. They create a very welcoming aura and maybe therefore, there is nothing like Home Sweet Home.

I think we should give each other more flowers. Also, share few of your parent’s weird obsessions with me. So we can laugh it off without frustration?

//Until Next Time..

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      • From my childhood I was very fond of reading. Initially it was books at home and then from libraries. In college all of my months pocket money was spent in one day: buying one book and taking my close friends for a movie πŸ˜…

        Once I started to work I started to buy more and more books. We used move our house very often and my wife used to tell me how difficult and expensive it was to handle my books!

        When our son was to get married we were living in small rented place. My wife told me that so many people are going to be coming and the whole house is filled with books! I gave away most of them. And our house is again filled with books πŸ“š

        My father, me and my son all had same hobbies : Books, Movies and Sports 😊


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