Family Reunion

This is indeed a merry moment in unfortunate circumstances. No, this is not a movie plot but well, a likely one in future. Pandemic was really an event. A mega event on international scale. Amazing viewership across globe that brought in the crowd from all walks of life. *Audience goes wild!!* And by now we all can agree that we have seen a lot.. A LOT. And want a little break from all the surprises being slapped on our faces on everyday basis. “But aese kaise?” Well, this Comical tragedy is a written account of “This Shizz Happened too?!”. An ode to all those clipping archives that might not see the light of the day ever again. So, here we go.

Today’s tale is of a family reunion in unfortunate circumstances.

From ToI, published somewhere around 4 Aug,20

There is a 19 year old who extracts usual doses of dopamine from something unethical. He is in possession of 2 phones, a writing pad and 3000 bucks. Seems like a financial enthusiast to me so far. Well, gambling is not so legal in India. There are online betting options now, but I doubt he explored those. Consequently, he gets arrested. The case would have got dismissed then and there. But then REVENGE blurred his vision! **mellow music** He ratted out his grandfather for dotting him for being jobless! Because now only parents care whether you earn anything or not. (Catch the sarcasm pls) In my opinion, he was just freelancing, so there is lack of awareness and communication in the household. Keeping that aside, the grandfather turned out to be a GODFATHER! That was a revelation indeed. He used to smuggle liquor in a cavity in his vegetable cart. I have to say, this family is smart. There was some portfolio diversification in these hard times.

Well, after proven guilty, the grandchild expected honesty award or something alike. That didn’t happen, but he definitely met his grandfather in prison cell. That’s a cute family reunion, no?

Moral and ethics are so subjective that we don’t even have a uniform policy over something as universal as gambling. Some countries have banned it, some are restricted by government regulations, and some are delight for gamblers. WOOHOO LAS VEGAS! Well, if I think about it, it’s not really about morals anymore, it’s about how well can that state absorb its consequences and maintain law and order simultaneously. Because can I be a winner in one location and branded a criminal in another? Doesn’t make sense to me.

I hope you enjoyed this piece.

// Until Next time…

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