Goldilocks Conditions

Art: Centre of Universe, 08.06.20, Shruti B

Do you wonder how small we are in this universe? Have you cried over the x years of your existence on this planet? Then, I have something to offer you in scientific jargons. If you think you have nothing to do with science, I will beg to differ.

We have 13.6 billion years of big history. Today, let’s superimpose it over our lives. Hmm, interesting. How there are so many explanations for different incidents, but not a theory for everything. (“It depends..”) How we still need sound reasonings to fill in the gaps of our conscience. Some past realities which still goggle at us on sleepless nights and go into this interrogation mode. Or how the entropy needs space to be dumped in to balance the equilibrium amongst the relationships. To absorb the changes in complexities of environment and lay seeds for new building blocks. *sigh*

Imagine you are a cloud of dust, contracted by nurturing, solidified by beliefs and principles, and now shine like a star in your own galaxy. Yes, things revolve around you in your space. Now, from a hot ball of fire, smoking aggression and frustration to days of supernova when you emit glory of 50 push-ups or something alike, you undergo evolution. Every-frickin-day. Even though, you are few seconds in the cosmic year(from the Big Bang till today), you have an important role in making history. That’s what science says. And, I am a nihilist. But, whatever.

Pardon me for my aberration. So, Life and Science! Yes! Frost and Wordsworth questioned wisely and intrigued my mind, but it was Science that answered. It gave “few” right answers but fooled me alright. For example, Hubble’s law taught us as distance increases, speed with which we move away also increases. Out of sight, out of mind? And that’s so true. But sir, how hard do I need to push toxic people out of my life because they are still in my line of sight? Is my world expanding too slow?! What I mean is, “Get off my field of gravity, you morons. I might just put a chit fund to raise your escape velocity!”
Or the times when a beloved part away from you. Will I mourn when my atoms will miss your atoms? When new stars will revolve in your galaxy and mine will try to cheer me by imitating your moves of rotation. Throwback to memories when every action had an equal and opposite reaction. When talking back to your parents led to a lecture on manners. Or they fitting so well in the constellation of your life… 
When will these Goldilocks conditions come at my doorstep like Lakshmi and Saraswati? When pain will not feel like few light years and social distress will not suck the happiness into a black hole.  When growth and stability will not tantamount to rigidity and intolerance. When things will be just right! And they are JUST PERFECT because we are alive!!

That’s me in my comfort box, decked up in wings because mother asked me to, peacefully minding my business in my solar system. Things that value revolve in my orbit, aliens drop in to say “Hi”, and meteors of challenges push me to work hard. That’s pretty much everything life is. Be selfish today.

So, even if we are microseconds in this cosmic year, you are your own infinite. 

Until next time…

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