Colossal Stress Trap

Does this mess give you anxiety? Do you feel like you are trying to understand yet things don’t add up? This collage is a bit abstruse so let me walk you through it.

Here, I have tried to personify stress. Housie tickets are like targets in life. You know the goals and are just waiting to scratch them out as accomplishments achieved. While the orange stains are blots and regrets that come with sacrifices for those milestones and then, there are still some unfinished tasks that are uncut.

Next comes, what governs our stress? What triggers our low points and shakens our beliefs and confidence. Traditional boundations, discipline of social structures, obsession with excellency, honour of family and pride of self-expectations. Ouch, don’t throw the obvious at me!
The headline on the newspaper clipping says “Why polar bears are killing and eating each other up?” Well, that makes me think of the excessive exposure to internet which paves the way to a constant presence of competition in the back of our mind. Where we are comparing ourselves everyday to a reference point which has no basis. But in this scenario, we are either eating each other up or killing ourselves from within.

Though, stress is not always bad! Flowers blooming show the positive aspect of stress that pushes us forward in life. To keep trying and stay motivated. But to cope with that, we sometimes fall prey to vicious cycle of chasing money, satisfying lust or compromising with our mental and physical health.

Today, let’s introspect. Let’s accept these prophets of doom and be mindful of our actions and emotions. Hey, let’s just slow down…

“Izn-e-khiram lete hue aasman se hum,
hat kar chale hain rahguzar-e-karvan se hum”

Majaz Lucknowi

I order you to slow down says the sky, let’s walk aside from the roads travelled by the herd.

Until next time….

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