Fabricating the Graduation day

Art: No Final Goodbyes, 29.05.20, Shruti B

On some fine days, I write pages about a person and how grateful I am to have them in my life. Like literally dissembling their quirks, their laughter, describing their locks, twitch on their smile, their too broad forehead or estimating their height with furniture in my room. Too gay? Yes, sort of. Crazy? To some extent. But lovely to appreciate the gold, no? The good side in your otherwise boring, hectic life. How we have so much crafting in our little heads, with unnecessary data which you dont recall observing but overthink all the time.

Well, I was supposed to graduate this May from the university. It was a dream so close to drape myself in ethnic wear, get some jaw dropping moments and feel like a girl. *imagining that hypothetical tiara looking so cat* But most of all, to make those promises with my batchmates. How I am gonna stay in touch with them, hug them like a bear, and how much I have adored their presence in my life. Only if we could stop time and revisit those cherished days… But no matter how much I want those hearty last day conversations, I would have contained my tears and flashed my smile to anything emo coming my way.
I want to say I love you, but I think, today will fade its importance or the gravity of those words. I want to say I will miss you, but I’ll just mock you for being sentimental and knock you off with my sarcasm as usual. I will want to say that don’t go away at any cost as I will fail to recreate this bond ever again. But I will not. I wouldn’t be able to. I never know when is the right time. That worthy moment. The moment that will leave an indelible print on your mind. The words which have my nametag on them, placed nicely on that good people shelf. Because if that moment is not created, maybe I will never have the courage to say it again.

2020, you robbed me the showstopper story I was gonna tell my kids.

Until next time….


  1. Unfortunate. My son graduated this year too. But no graduation day for him as well. Only a virtual one which is not really the same thing. But I guess you now have an even bigger showstopper story that no other batch has had 🙂

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