Agnostic Hit

Art: Agnostic Hit, 29.5.20, Shruti B

Do you feel we adulate God more than He deserves? Yeah, me neither. I would rather condone this idea. But it is sometimes titillating to nudge the blind followers.

These words in Hindi are the adjectives used in Vedas for the Almighty. “He is truth-conscious bliss, most powerful, just, kind, one who doesn’t take birth or dies, timeless, immune to all emotions, infinite, incomparable, fundamental, omnipresent, omniscient, ageless, dauntless, pure, and creator of all. And only such a soul is worth preaching!” Well, the praises might change with vocabulary in different religions, the crux is He is magical and so unreal to exist!

No matter how much an atheist rejects the idea of God, he somewhat wishes such a Superman could dawn blessings upon him. And what about me? Well, I am a God loving person! I chat with Him everyday. Complain about the bad people and bitch about my colleagues. Just the usual stuff. So overall, we are more on friendly terms with each other. One day I got too frank and asked him why is He messing with us lately. Big deal. But He got a lil mad. *sigh*

Now I have to placate Him with Laddoos as the holy offering.

Until next time….

Rag- dvesh : Rage and jealousy
Vasanas : Desires and expectations

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