A moment of Silence

What am I today? Who will I back and who will I betray? Which identity will I endorse this morning? Is being on the right side more important than doing wrong to somebody? Do little lies bring the relationships closer or surmount insufferable pain? Who all do I have to answer today?

Sometimes, I feel guilty for not taking up the responsibilty. Sometimes, my silence kills me. I see the peaceful sea. It is so quiet that I want to drown myself. Is the fire too bright today, because it is burning me. I am here smiling, yet dead from within. Negativity is taking over me.

Art: Dress Up, 27.02.20, Shruti B

This piece brings back so many bad memories to me. And it is so fragile that if I talk about it, I’ll disturb its acquired peace which is already in cliff-hanging moment. So, bear with me despite my poor articulation.

What do I start with? Maujpur means “Fun Town” in English. Does that mean it’s a jovial town? Few months back, it witnessed a riot-like situation. So was it not? Well, the stats don’t approve of the definition fitting this scenario. Were there no casualities, innocents didnt suffer or some think some people just deserve it? Ummm… I don’t know.

I don’t understand how people justify violence used to establish peace. For me, it is one of the biggest paradoxes of war. Aggression instigated for few vested interests, or inability to provide justice or forgetting that it ever happened, suffocates me. How the savings of people are burned up in flashes, and happy families uprooted from their “Home Sweet Home”. Who is answerable to that little girl, that why her normal is growing up in a street full of armed men? Or that boy whose father was killed when he was 10, and was asked to put a brave front because that’s how things roll in this world? So do you expect compassion from them when they grow old, kindness, righteousness, emotional strength, feeling of brotherhood or any trait of an ideal person? I think any wrong they do henceforth, should be pardonable because we didn’t do any right to them either. Rethink what liberty are you cribbing for? What is freedom to you? Is the entitlement not same for any fellow kind? How did we mess up with our priorities so badly?!

So, whats’s the solution? Where do we draw the line? Where is that ideal place on this planet where I can live a normal life. Don’t give me names. Just put a finger on an alphabet and I’ll be off. Because humans have clearly forgotten all their boundaries.

“There wasn’t much damage!” – said many in distant lands.

Until next time….

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